Scaling up CHT to 400+ places

Dear all,

We are considering to migrate our current solution to the Community Health Toolkit. We are using our current solution in 400 different places, with around 1000 users and devices. We want to have the option to further expand.

I am concerned that CHT is not suitable for this size. Was CHT already applied to larger projects? Will there be performance issues on the server side?

Any information is welcome.

Many thanks.


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Short answer: The CHT is absolutely suitable for a deployment of this size! There are currently a number of existing deployments with 1000+ users and the soon-to-be-released next generation architecture in version 4.0.0 will allow the CHT to support a much larger number of users!

That being said, any kind of software deployment with 1000+ users is a significant undertaking and a CHT instance at that scale would be no different. Having sufficient server resources (CouchDB users a lot of disk space and RAM) and the proper configurations would be essential for making sure the system remains performant.

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@jkuester, thank you for your assessment.
I am eagerly waiting for the release of 4.0 because it would remove some critical enketo bugs as well. I hope this will happen soon.