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New App Supporting Contact Tracing for COVID-19

Over the past few weeks, the Medic Mobile team has built a demo version of a COVID-19 Contact Tracing App for use by Data Entry Users and Tracers to register and follow-up on known contacts of any suspected COVID-19 patients in the community.

The goal of the CHT Contact Tracing App is to illustrate a simple workflow to support registration and tracing of contacts of suspected COVID patients; symptom screening; referrals to care for those exhibiting COVID symptoms; and consistent monitoring of asymptomatic contacts during self-isolation following exposure.

There are four user personas included in the CHT Contact Tracing app, which include:

  • Data Entry
  • Contact Tracer
  • Suspected or Confirmed COVID-19 Patient*
  • Contact of Patient

The demo video linked above outlines the workflow of the application, as well as the ways in which the different user personas interact with the application. The image below shows the reporting hierarchy, user personas, and associated devices.

The CHT contact tracing app works on SMS and the Community Health Toolkit, and is designed with flexibility in mind. We are actively exploring ways in which other CHT workflows could be linked to Contact Tracing to enable an end-to-end COVID response framework including use cases like Event-Based Surveillance, Contact Tracing, and COVID Self-Checks to support community members in self-isolation following exposure.

For more information on the CHT Contact Tracing documentation resource.

We’d love to hear from the members of our community. What do you think about our Contact Tracing app? What feedback or questions do you have for the team at Medic Mobile? We look forward to discussing this with you here on the forum!


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