What is "Server webapp revision"

Dear community,

On the CHT webapp, one can go to about in the application tab to get information such as the CHT-server version.
However, on the webserver there is also

Server webapp revision: 6
Client webapp revision: 6

And on Android, one also sees: Android app version: 211

I wonder what these version and revision numbers mean? I did not find anything in the documentation about that.

Hi @raf

Regarding the two revisions on the About page:

Server webapp revision: 6
Client webapp revision: 6

These refer to revisions of the medic-client CouchDb design document. For offline users, this document is replicated and saved locally, and contains the database views that are used by the app.
When loading the About page, the application gets the revision from both the local database and the remote database and displays them.

Except for ongoing upgrades, the two revisions should be the same.
For upgrades, the two revisions and the version can be used to check whether the client was successfully and fully upgraded.

As for the Android versions, these are part of Android-specific package information and should indicate which version of CHT-Android is installed on the device.

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