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Hi all!

My name is Liz McNeil, I’m the new communications and external relations manager at Jacaranda Health, based in Nairobi. There seem to be quite a few Canadians coming onto this forum lately - I am a fellow Canadian! I’ve been living in East Africa for the past 5-6ish years, with the last two in Nairobi. I am a new-comer to the tech space, and have been working in health-related social enterprises on business development and partnerships before joining the Jacaranda Health team. I’m really passionate about empowering users and

A bit about us: We’re a non-profit, tech-enabled organization that creates solutions for government hospitals and healthcare systems to improve maternal health outcomes. We currently partner with 5 counties (Bungoma, Kiambu, Nairobi, Makueni, Muranga) and are expanding rapidly to reach more counties in the near future. One of our core solutions is PROMPTS: a free 2-way SMS platform for new and expectant moms. Mothers enroll using a shortcode to receive information about pregnancy and newborn health, potential danger signs, and nudge appointment reminders. Since it’s two-way, they can also text in questions to clinical experts at our helpdesk. The purpose of this platform is to empower mothers with the information that they need to seek care when they need it, especially at critical times. To date, we have enrolled 150,000 mothers on the platform from 250 clinics and hospitals, and have 72,000 monthly active users, and an active help desk as well, answering 550 questions per day.

Really excited to be on this forum and learn about the other cool stuff that is going on in the space! Please reach out to chat or if you’re interested in learning more about what we do :slight_smile:


Hi Everyone,

My name is Adam Preston and I am a Digital Health Advisor at RTI International where I work on a lot of HSS projects to identify and eventually scale up sustainable digital health interventions. Here at RTI we are big fans of the Principles of Digital Development and the Digital Health Global Goods, so I try to incorporate those into my work whenever I can.

A bit about me: I live in Fort Collins, Colorado with my wife and 3 kids and a miniature schnauzer named Phil. I love going to new places, riding bikes, and slinging code.

Fun fact: Way back in the day, I was a part of a team developing a product called FrontlineSMS:Credit, which was based on FrontlineSMS, a open source platform to power interactive SMS applications. As I am sure many on this forum know, FrontlineSMS was also the basis for FrontlineSMS:Medic which eventually became Medic Mobile. Its a small world.


Hi Ronald,

How are you? I came across your post and wanted to know how far you had managed to go with CHT in Zim? I’m working in Mutoko at All Souls and would love to be able to set this up for Covid surveillance. Did you have much success?

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Hi @Jonathan_Fernandes,

The project I was evaluating CHTfor did not materialise and I did not dig further into CHT.

What are your conceived COVID 19 use cases? Case Reporting? Contact tracing?

I am available to help with your project, please feel free to contact if you need any assistance


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Hi Adam, what a delightfully small world! I actually joined Medic back in its FrontlineSMS:Medic days, and remember my excitement about FrontlineSMS:Credit well! So glad to have you with us, and look forward to hearing more about your work at RTI!

So very glad to have you with us, @lizmcneil_JH. PROMPTS is such an exciting resource; 550 questions per day, wow! Thats phenomenal! I hope you’ll continue to share your work with us!

Hey all! I’m Jeff Jacobs, Grants Officer at Medic Mobile. I’m based in New York City and my role focuses on identifying, securing, and managing funding opportunities to support our organization and our work.

I’m thrilled to bring my personal and professional passion for supporting community health workers to this community. I look forward to meeting you and working together to advance universal healthcare and health as a human right through meaningful technology solutions.


Hello :blush: So glad to collaborate with you in this interesting space. Am Mokhtar AYACHI, from Tunisia, Medical Doctor and project manager at Doctors of the World Belgium in Tunisia. Working for improving access to better health care for the most vulnerable populations. So interested about e-health topics and hope to collaborate with several partners about this.
When I’m not at work I enjoy traveling, watchin films and lestining to différent type of music. I love exploring other cultures and exchanging with others :blush:

Hi Jeff :blush: I’m so interested about your project and hope to collaborate to cover Tunisia and north Africa

Welcome, @lizmcneil_JH! It’s great to have you on the CHT forum and to learn more about your work at Jacaranda Health. It would be great to hear more about PROMPTS :slight_smile:

I’m Medic’s Impact Manager - and I’d love to learn more about how you track and think about the impact of PROMPTS on the women who enroll.


Hi Ronald,

Thanks for your response. Our hope would be to have as versatile a system as possible that would allow us to do case mapping, contact tracing and contact follow-up. One of our challenges is that that we are quite limited in terms of technical expertise for setting up the app and we were kind of hoping we might be able to cut and paste from an existing workflow to save us some time as the sooner we can get it up and running the better.

Please let me know if you have any ideas on this.



Thanks for the welcome, @helenelizabeth!

We think about and track this in a few ways. The first is the on the platform itself, so how many people are enrolled on the platform and the engagement rates of the users (# questions a user sends in, # users who ask at least one question) - the engagement is important since it shows if it’s being used for its intended purposes.

Secondly, we are also able to track positive health outcomes through user feedback and data collected via PROMPTS. The basis of these outcomes are based on maternal health indicators such as attendance at min. 4 ANC appointments, % of mothers flagged with a danger sign who seek follow-up care at a facility, uptake of postpartum family planning, etc.

Since the platform is two-way, we’re able to maintain a consistent feedback loop with the moms and moms-to-be on the platform, hearing their experiences, needs/concerns, and the outcomes from using PROMPTS.

Let me know if you have any other questions about this! Happy to share or speak more in-depth.



Hi all, I am Sanjay from Nepal, passionate in opensource digital health platform. I look forward to get in to the new team members in CHT.



Hello everyone, I am Dushala, a Project Manager in Medic Mobile based out of Nepal. Being a public health professional I am interested in innovative ideas and solutions to ensure health rights of people particularly in hard to reach areas.


Hi everyone,
Very pleased to be here, I am Lal Kunwar, currently working with Medic mobile as a service designer. I have more than a decade of professional experience in Public Health care system of Nepal, and nearly three years I have worked on mHealth platform; use of smartphone and pc-based applications to strengthen women’s health and chronic diseases via Community Health Workers.


Hi all! I’m Ashley, a Software Developer at Medic Mobile. I’m excited to join the forum to get to know how the larger community uses the CHT!



I’m Mariano Ruiz, a Software Developer at Medic Mobile, working remotely from Argentina :argentina:. I’m very excited to be part of this awesome community that makes a work so important these days :muscle:.

I’m a “geek” of tech and programming :nerd_face:, and enjoy to contribute to open source initiatives like the CHT. I have a few open source projects in my Github account and I also like to contribute back in other open communities like Stack Overflow.


Hi, everyone! I’m Kelly, and I’m the new communications officer at Medic Mobile. I started alongside @mrjones + @mrsarm all the way back in June. :upside_down_face: I support Medic on all things external comms, which includes the opportunity to share the awesome work of this equally awesome community.

I’m always available to chat potential blog post ideas, interesting articles, or brainstorm how we might be able to showcase our collective work/updates/successes/challenges with the :earth_americas: ! Please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Welcome @kellyhagler! It’s so great to have you on the team :slight_smile:


Eric Hummel, of Vínculo in Washington state. I’m a System Security Architect, working with various CHW programs in the US. For now I am focused on HIPAA compliance and interoperability. We also have our own open source project for community service referrals called the Common Health Core, which we hope to integrate using the FHIR framework. For the moment. I look forward to discussions about the implementation of SMS text workflows with attention to the potential for encryption.