Upgrading to 3.15

Hi there,
We’re planning to go to the 3.15 version from current 3.14.2
if CHWs have in their device data collected with the CHT 3.14.2 and before sync they get the cht updated, (popup update yes) , could this be a problem when syncing later ?

The short answer is no, upgrades to the CHT should not affect the ability to sync existing data from a device to the server. Data created by 3.14.2 will sync just fine with 3.15.

The longer answer is that CHT upgrades are delivered to the device via the syncing. So a user will not see the update popup until they have actually synced with the server.

Yes OK
but I have data collected with 3.14.2 on server side, on my device I have non synced data, now I sync and I get the update pop up since in the server side the app has been updated, could this be problematic ?

Generally speaking, CHT upgrades should never prevent data from being synced by devices running an older version of the app (unless otherwise specified as a breaking change in the release notes of a MAJOR version upgrade).

For normal CHT upgrades, it should not be necessary to have all the users sync before the upgrade is performed. That being said, there are some cases where undesirable behavior might occur (even though all the docs are synced).

  • If changes are made to the app config, then docs created on devices that have not received the new config will not reflect those changes. This might affect certain configured workflows or reporting when the docs are synced.
  • Occasionally, a CHT upgrade will include database migrations (e.g. these from 2.11.0). These are run when the server is restarted during the upgrade process. Any documents that were not synced before the upgrade would not be included in the migration.
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Thank you very much,
I think that from 3.14.2 to 3.15 there is not any migration notes nor breaking changes

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Would you be open to upgrading to the latest 3.x i,e 3.17?

Hi @derick derick,
If this is advantageous I think so but i need to speak with our team
Have other projects migrate successfully to this 3.17 version ?

3.17 came out this Monday so there are no projects on it yet. It however contains a number of fixes and improvements since 3.15

3.16 release notes
3.17 release notes