Unexpected note component render when none is defined in group

In the Team Area edit form I’ve run into a little bit of a strange issue where no note component has been added inside of the municipality repeat, just a bunch of calculate fields and the single select_multiple component, but for some reason one is rendered (see screenshots below).

The form in question can be found here.

So, I did not notice this until I spun your form up and was able to recreate the above-mentioned behavior, but there is an extra field in the team_area-create_v7 xlsx file that you linked to that is NOT shown in your screenshot!

When I removed that field from my form locally, I was no longer seeing the extra read-only boxes in the Municipalities repeat.


Can you try converting/uploading the form again with the version of the form from your screenshot (without the test field) and see if that solves it?

Thank you for taking the time to run the supplied form!
Apologies, we have yet to clean up the Team Area create form.
My apologies for the confusion, the visual anomaly is present on the Team Area edit form, not on the Team Area create form.
The issue also seemed to remain after multiple cht --local executions.

After reading the response I decided to do the following:
Added a debug note to the g_municipality group in the edit form for testing purposes.
For good measure I removed the value note field from the Team Area create form.
Ran the cht --local command.
Which yielded the following:

No more value note field.
I then removed the debug note from the edit form and now the result is as expected (except for the red box):

For sanity sake I checked the base_settings.json file, everything seemed normal:

Perhaps it was, as you said, out dated xml?
As you can see here the Team Area edit file remains the same.
The Team Area create file with the removed municipality note can be found here.

Could there be something else that was missed?

the visual anomaly is present on the Team Area edit form, not on the Team Area create form.

Oh wow! :man_facepalming: My mistake!

I then removed the debug note from the edit form and now the result is as expected

So, just to be sure I am understanding correctly, at this point you are no longer seeing that mysterious Values field in the team_area-edit form? I tried loading up the latest version of the edit form and did not see it. If you are not seeing it any more, is there any way that you have been able to re-create that behavior (besides just adding a Values note back into the form)? If not, I think we can probably just call this some fluke behavior. The configuration data for each form (from the xml file) is set/updated on the server atomically for each form so weird things like partial updates or changes to one form bleeding into the config for another form should not be possible. In my experience working with forms here are the most common causes I have seen for updates to the xlsx not being reflected in the app:

  • Forgetting to run either the convert-*-forms or the upload-*-forms action
    • (Just running the base cht --local command should always execute both actions.)
  • Forgetting to actually save my xlsx file changes before running the cht ... command.
  • Uploading forms to the wrong test server
  • Accidentally ignoring errors in the cht ... command output, so the convert or upload did not actually happen. (Also accidentally skipping the form when prompted by the cht ... command’s “Overwrite” warning.)
  • Not syncing the client app with the server before opening the updated form (when testing with an offline user).

No no, apologies for not being clear from the outset :man_facepalming:.

Yes you’re correct. At this point we’re no longer experiencing the illusive Values note field in the edit form, and we’ve since been unable to recreate that behavior again.

Thank you for outlining the common pitfalls, it is entirely possible that we got snagged by one of them.
We will be sure to keep an eye out for them going forward.

Thanks again for the detailed response!

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