Unable to access contact form


I am unable to create a health center while logged in as admin although I am able to see the contact form is uploaded on my local instance. What could I be missing? Is there something I need to define on app settings?

Hi @Esther_Moturi

Can you please share what problem you’re seeing? Thanks!

Hey @diana ,it’s blank as marked in green below. I am logged in as a supervisor

I believe is is a permission problem. What configuration are you running?

I thought so too but I went in and checked(ticked off) the permissions on the UI.

Can you check the permissions on the forms as well?

I am a bit confused, I see three different ways of granting permissions to create contacts(correct me if I am wrong)

Through the UI as an admin, in app settings under contact-types and in app settings under permissions. Is this correct and what overwrites what?

Correct, there are three ways to control contact forms permissions.
First and foremost, no contacts can be added without can_create_people and/or can_create_places permission.
Then I believe the actual form to create or edit a contact can have a permissions property to assign additional required permissions for the user to be able to create this contact.

Both the admin app UI and changing settings directly with cht-conf achieve the same result: edits made to the settings.permissions property,

Thanks @diana , I realised it’s because I had not defined contact_types in the app_settings file.