Setting up CHT core on kubernetes

Hello, I am trying to set up CHT-core on kubernetes but i keep getting timeout errors while attempting to port-forward cht-core

Using the yaml below, I set up a service called medic-service and pod called medic-os

install.pdf (779 Bytes)

but on attempting to access the service using port-forward i receive a timeout error. as shown below

i did try to look at the logs of both pods but came up short

kubectl logs -n medic-os medic-os -c medic-cht returns logs below
cht-logs.pdf (3.5 KB)

kubectl logs -n medic-os medic-os -c haproxy return logs below
haproxy-logs.pdf (2.4 KB)

Am i missing anything with these logs ? or Is there any documented experience with CHT and kubernetes


  • Client platform: MacOS m1
  • App: cht-core
  • Version: 3.7

Hi Kenneth @atria !

We do run kubernetes internally, but do not recommend it for community production projects (yet!). We are in the process of developing CHT 4.0, which will include documentation on installing cht-core on kubernetes along with all the necessary templates (ymls).

For some background info, we currently recommend deploying cht-core on a standalone server with docker (compose) in production. For development, you can also install multiple cht-core versions with docker-compose and our cht installer. I think the latter may resolve most trial use cases. In production projects, Iā€™d recommend using a container orchestrator (k8s) when you are running 8+ projects per server administrator.

Can you describe your use-case:

  • are you running multiple cht-core deployments in production? Is that the eventual goal?
  • multiple cht-core deployments for development environments?
  • running an existing k8s cluster and you wish to add a cht-core pod?

Is it possible to handle your concerns with deploying cht-core using docker-compose and if needed, multiple cht-core versions? Can you wait till CHT 4.0 for k8s support? We anticipate 4.0 to be released in Q1 2022.

Thanks for the question!

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Good afternoon @hareet thanks for the response

I am trying to run CHT on k8 because i would like to set it up on ArgoCD mainly to support our QA functions. This set up is not meant for production use cases as we are already using stand alone instances for our production.

Argocd provides us a way to create multiple pods running CHT-core to test various updates made to our configurations. Once testing is done, we do away with that pod.