Seeing reports section under client profile in version 3.13

While I was testing out version 3.13, I noticed that it shows a Reports section under a client’s profile screen even when logged in as a chv. (Please see attached screenshot).

I did not observe this in version 3.9.2 (which is the version we currently use in Production).

In my app_settings.json file, the chv role does not have can_view_reports perimission. Only the national_admin can view. So I am not sure why the Reports section is shown.


Thanks a lot for reporting @iesmail .
I’ve created an issue to fix this and added it to the current release: Users can view tasks and reports in contacts detail page despite lacking permissions · Issue #7438 · medic/cht-core · GitHub

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@diana, is there a workaround to this bug while we wait for permanent fix? We are planning to roll out 3.13 in January.

There is no workaround. I expect we will release 3.14 early next year, so you could directly upgrade to 3.14.

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