Reusable xslx forms

Can large forms be split into smaller manageable reusable modules? ie contact details could be used in various forms & would make sense to be able to include it into other forms

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Unfortunately we do not currently any kind of generic inheritance for forms. This would be a super useful feature that I would love to see, but it is also a pretty complex environment and it will be tricky to implement it (especially in a way that is actually usable).

For place contact forms, we do have basic support for generic contact forms. This lets you generate forms for multiple place-types based off of a single set of generic forms. Unfortunately, I think this feature needs some work to be useful for larger custom hierarchies with many person types…


Totally understandable. While this is unfortunate, we though it might be a bit of a big ask.
Still, like you mentioned, it would be something useful to have perhaps sometime in the future.

Thank you for the suggestion. We’ve currently moved away a bit from the generic contact form template as our hierarchy structures are quite different. Though as the dev cycle continues, we might find our way back to some form of a unified structure and may benefit from it again.
Having templates for multiple person types would be really useful, that’s one of our next endeavors we need to tackle along the way.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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