Restricting users from deleting contacts or reports

We’ve seen many users deleting contacts or reports mistakely and reporting that information missing. CHT provides great list of permissions on Permissions tab in Roles and Permissions Settings. I can see permissions like can_delete_reports, can_delete_contacts, and can_bulk_delete_reports. These settings would suffice the need for us and we are planning to restrict these settings to particular users only.

@diana , Are there any unseen consequences of these settings apart from users not being able to delete contacts and reports?

Hi @yuv

No unforeseen consequences. These permissions are used exclusively in the frontend to control showing/hiding action bar buttons:

can_delete_contacts(Search · can_delete_contacts · GitHub)
can_delete_reports(Search · can_delete_reports · GitHub)
can_bulk_delete_reports(Search · can_bulk_delete_reports · GitHub)

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