Read-only view of patient data

Hello @diana

I am looking at permissions in CHT and i would like to inquire if its possile to configure a read-only view of patient data in CHT for that’s say an auditor ?

Also is there a way to configure custom persmissions for a particular use-case aside for the ones currently listed

Hi @cliff

There is one permission, can_edit, which is required for users to be able to make changes or create documents in the database. Users lacking this permissions should not be able to make any changes to documents in the database, or create new ones.

This only blocks API requests, but the Webapp will still display the actions of editing or creating as being possible (with one exception, the edit button for reports can be hidden with can_update_reports).
Depending on whether the user is offline or online, this might be confusing. Offline users will be able to make changes and then fail to sync, while online users will see errors when they try to save changes.

I’m not sure if a full read-only user was ever in mind. I’ll ask around.

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@diana i think the best way to achieve this is to create a user an then deny then the permissions to create or edit docs and that way be restricted to view only…


It won’t be a perfect experience, as we never had a read-only app user intentionally designed.

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