Other household tasks not displaying

After submitting a form, no other household tasks are displayed even though the user has the permission " can_view_tasks_group" enabled. Strangely when testing it locally it works, but when running on our test server it doesn’t.

What could be a cause for the other household tasks not to show up?

hi @cht-user

I would suspect a difference in config between local and test server. Are you sure the configuration is identical?

As far as I see, both are identical.

Are any other reasons which could explain the difference in behavior?

No, the only condition for household tasks to appear is to have the permission.
Is your server running the same version of CHT as your local install?

If you’re checking the contact detail page of the household in question, are you seeing any uncompleted tasks?

Yes, both have the same version installed (v. 3.15.0). The household contains multiple uncompleted tasks on the detail page.

Are you seeing a message saying All household tasks completed in the bottom of the page? Similar to how “Task completed” appears in this screenshot:

Can you please double check that the user you’re testing on has the can_view_tasks_group permission?

I see “report submitted” after submitting a form. I can confirm, that the user has the permission.

I’m afraid I can’t think of anything that might cause this. Is there any chance you can make your test server available, so we could check?

Thank you for the offer! However, we found out that there were some problems with setting up the CouchDB on the new server. Therefore, we are now going to reset the whole DB and see whether this solves the issue. Otherwise I would get back to you if the issue remains.

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