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Not able to view family contact after selecting it

I recently made an update from medic-conf 1.20.1 to medic 3.1.0 because we are testing cht-core 3.11.2, My configurations were able to push but when creating a family and trying to select it “No person selected” message is displayed and the web console shows: Error selecting contact Error: Parameter “key” required as shown in the screenshot below.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated

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I find sometimes with contact summaries, that there are useful prescriptive errors at the top of the log and then confusing errors at the bottom. Can you copy/paste all errors in the console starting with the first one?

This issue may be related: Tasks fail to load when priority labels are empty · Issue #7137 · medic/cht-core · GitHub

This was fixed in 3.12. Would you mind checking if:
a) updating your config to not have empty string priority labels fixes your issue
b) upgrading to 3.12 fixes your issue


Option a) from @diana’s proposal could be achieved as follows (assuming you are working with in a nools file)

var createTask = function (contact, schedule, report) {
    return new Task({
        _id: + '-' +,
        deleted: ( ? : false) || (report ? report.deleted : false),
        doc: contact,
        icon: schedule.icon,
        priority: schedule.description ? 'high' : '',
        priorityLabel: schedule.description ? schedule.description : undefined,
        date: null,
        readyStart: schedule.start,
        readyEnd: schedule.end,
        title: schedule.title,
        resolved: false,
        actions: []

Look at the priorityLabel key


This is the top of the web console.log

Much appreciated @diana @derick @kenn

One more thing, I need to understand why when I run convert-contact-forms or convert-app-forms am prompted for an input. The screenshot below shows what I was prompted for

Are there any schema changes for my excel workflows, I need to be aware of while making this migration ?

cht-conf the hashes of the file you upload to an instance and warn you if it detects an incosistency between what’s upstream and that which is saved as of the last upload. You can find out more in the release notes