Medic's Q2 2021 Impact Report is out

Medic’s Q2 2021 Impact Report is now live! :rocket: A few included highlights:

  • We added 1,933 new users to the CHT, with a total of 37,814 users in 15 countries.
  • More than 35% of households registered for care with the CHT received one or more visits from a CHW per month within the quarter – the highest quarterly household coverage average reported since we began tracking this metric.
  • CHWs engaged in 5.6 million caring activities, bringing the total number to 57.8 million for all-time.
  • We highlighted v3.12.0, four new documentation pages, and two product experiments.
  • Medic teammates @Min, @nitin, and Niraj wrote a feature about the experiences of FCHVs in Nepal during lockdown, including direct quotes and great photos.
  • We celebrated a new joint report + blog post with The Rockefeller Foundation and Dimagi, authored by @helenelizabeth and @isaacholeman

And lots more! Big thanks to everyone who helped create our Q2 report, and congrats to the whole community for another impactful quarter!


So wonderful to see our quarterly reports shared with the broader CHT community! I loved reading more about the work of our Nepal team in supporting FCHVs during COVID-19 lockdowns, as well as having the opportunity to highlight our collaboration with Dimagi and Rockefeller on the role of digital tools in supporting the COVID-19 response.

Well done, @kellyhagler, for leading us as always!