Medic Android App Slow to Load Forms

We have been collecting data, currently in the field and medic mobile app is taking ages to open, both when you create a RRT account or login using the existing RRTs. Once you login, it just goes round and round and round…
We revised the hierarchy, but we still have a challenge

We have checked the phone memory and is good, what could cause the slow loading? Our clients get impatient and leave before data collection is done

Hi @oyierphil

Are you using online or offline user accounts?

We are using offline user accounts, the Rapid Response Team (RRTs)
I have tried logging in from my phone using one of the rrt accounts which has enough memory and it has taken long time to load the forms

The RRTs sync the data in the evening using internet, and login in the morning using internet before going offline for the rest of the day

Thanks. Could you please go to the About page (Hamburger menu → About) and share some info from there, like how many docs the users have.

On a new install (and new login), especially when there are many docs, it’s expected for the first load of each page to take some time. Loading and searching device data is done by query-ing PouchDb views, which first need to be indexed.
Once the data is indexed, access should be much faster.

Are we talking about a new install or new login?

I installed the app on all the tablets, thus what we do is create new accounts depending on the need, especially when targets for one region in our hierarchy are met and we have to move the team to another region. The challenge is two fold, logging in the morning for existing accounts, and even worse for new accounts as observed above. It also takes time to submit the data and open a new instance for the next client on line

The loading time for a new account (on one device) is expected, especially with such a high number of docs.
Subsequent loading should be faster, unless something is making edits to many docs.

If you wait for the pages to fully load and then restart the app, is loading faster or the same?

@diana, what about for existing accounts?
Our target was 5120 clients in total from four sites, each with two devices, and we are at 3821 as at now, which will increase when they syn in the evening. I noted at times, same accounts were used on the devices, which we arrested by labeling the devices and using unique accounts for each

How do we optimize, especially for existing accounts?

If you wait for the page to load, after the widget going round and round, the data entry and submission process is very slow

Is the second load as slow as the first one?

Not as slow, but it takes time

Some homework this weekend. We have started the next project community testing using CHT where CHV will collect data at the local level. Piloting was done on Wednesday and Thursday, actual done collection starts next week:

  1. How to determine the HW resource requirement for the VM, I am scared since we will be handling many documents that the 5,000 records in the previous project
  2. Ensuring that my hierarchy works and doesn’t become a bottleneck, thus affect speed
  3. Ensuring that my config file settings agrees with my hierarchy
  4. Ensuring that data collection devices won’t take long to fetch documents as data volumes increase. I noted that most CHVs had devices with low specs, including Memory and RAM, thus cant hold a lot of data.
  5. How to implement client side purging rules
  6. Diana had indicated earlier that “unless something is making edits to many docs”, want to avoid this, thus need to figure it out this weekend

Will appreciate any insights from previous configurations, we will share our experience at the end of the study