How to remove All Form types under Reports tab

Hello folks ;

Are the form types in the Reports tab picked form the ones defined app forms folder ?
Screenshot from 2022-06-10 16-36-02
I have tried to remove the forms listed here form the app forms and also deactivated their respective tasks configurations but the forms still persist in the All form types drop down as seen above…

@michael @marc

Use CHT Conf’s delete-forms to remove the forms from the database.


cht delete-forms – bcg_form

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hello @wambua ,
the cht --local delete-forms -- *my_form_name* or delete-all-forms deletes and de-activates the form or forms under New Action button but the forms still persist under All forms types in the Reports tab

Hi @cliff

Does the deleted form persist in the filter (under All forms types) even after you refresh the page?

hello @diana ,yes it still persists

Hi @cliff

I’m unable to replicate this, the form disappears from my filter when I delete it.

thanks @diana ,thats good to know that it works on your side

i have used cht --url=https://medic:password@<domain-name> delete-forms -- pregnancy_visit and it deletes the form…
I would like to delete and clean out all the forms in that filter, i have used the delete-all-forms cht action but the forms still persist in the filter (under All forms types)

these are the immunization-forms loaded form a csv file in core

hello @diana any hints on how these immunization forms can be purged from under the report filter or i can just get rid of the csv file containing them ?

Hi @cliff

I’m unsure where the CSV fits in here. Are the reports are already uploaded to the server?
If yes, you’d need to delete them manually. You can use the app to do that: filter by that form, enter select mode, select all and delete.

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thanks @diana the manual deleting sounds ideal but the forms in the drop down filter are not appearing for the maul delete

yet they are present in the filter

forexample the CH1 Cholera, BCG Bacille Calmette-Guerin in the drop down filter is not appearing for manual selection and delete

The dropdown shows the types of forms. Have you deleted the forms (not the reports) from the server?

hello @diana ,sorry for the delayed response ,
I deleted the respective sms forms in the properties file