How to import districts->subdistricts->villages in couchdb and show the details on UI (districts/subdistricts/villages dropdown)

I have to import place details in couch-db like districts->sub-districts->villages and show those details in districts/sub-districts/villages/ drop-down only then i can create a person but db:place can be used only when a place exists in database.

After creating a contact person ,I should get the details of the person place details in another form like

District: {{Name of selected District}}
Village: {{Name of Village}}
Village Midwives: {{Midwife 1}} , {{Midwife 2}} , {{Midwife 3}}(all the midwife’s of the selected village)
Puskesmas : {{Name of Puskesmas}}.

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When defining the place form you can add fields to specify children of that place, as shown in the documenation. I’m not sure if you can specify multiple levels of hierarchy in one form or not.