Hide/ignore properties on a report view

Hi is there a to hide properties on a report, Especially on nested properties where only the child props is useful information and not the group name also not sure anything in the summary group?

None that I can think of. Would translating the keys to layman’s phrases help?

Not sure if I get the question correctly, maybe an example would help.
But to hide properties in a report preview, you can try to add hidden in the field’s instance::tag column (XLS Forms).

Thanks @Jennifer_Quesada. As you can in the image above the summary properties are not usefull here and i would love for them not to be rendered. I added hidden to instance::tag but they are still showing

Can “hidden_fields” property here be any help cht-docs/content/en/apps/reference/forms/app.md at a38fb0f2581702af186ffebfbcb872b29ddbe576 · medic/cht-docs · GitHub

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@Femi - Sorry you’re continuing to have problems hiding summary fields :frowning: It would be helpful if you could reproduce the problem with as few fields as possible and then post the .xlsx file here. This way we can easily download it and hopefully better research the issue.

In an attempt to reproduce your issue, I’ve made a simple test.xlsx form that looks like this:

When viewing the summary page of the form, it looks like this:

And the resulting form’s detail view looks like this:

Note that the date2_sum_hid does not show in the report because it has the instance::tag set to hidden. You can download the test.xlsx form to see exactly what I did.

I see we don’t allow .xlsx uploads to the forum, which I hope we can resolve in the near future!

Thanks all! (can’t mention more 2 users in a post here) Sorry this update is coming a little late. Both @ashish 's and @Jennifer_Quesada 's suggestions worked. The problem was they all work on reports generated later. All previously generated reports will render the same. Also applying both suggestions on a field hides all nested properties, but i can live with that. I applied kitsao 's suggestion to deal with that

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Wonderful - thanks for the update @Femi !