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Missing doc for self hosting ec2 server

Hi Ken, I am following the amazing guide for EC2 self Hosting but I hit a snag on no. 3: Provision docker server. It points to a 404 page that’s supposed to be a cht-doc on Github. Slack was the other option, but the slack channel is closed, according to this info.

Hi @Francis_Amenya,
Yeah, that repo is currently private (sorry about that!). We’re working to move everything into the public domain. In the meantime, here are the readme instructions:

  1. Mount the attached EBS volume to the instance. Mount it to /srv
  2. Make an entry in /etc/fstab so that the volume is always mounted on every boot. (
  3. Run the command from within the prepare-system/ubuntu folder
  4. See if things are running by doing a sudo docker ps
  5. You can connect to the running container using sudo docker exec -it medic-os /bin/bash
  6. You can check supervisorctl by doing sudo supervisorctl . It should show you that medic is RUNNING

@nyika may be able to help you access the ubuntu scripts

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Hey, @Francis_Amenya , You should be able to access the files here.


Thank you @Max and @Nyika for the swift response, I have resumed the setup process.

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Section 2 of ec2 setup refers to mounting the EBS volume. The statement about ‘Follow the instructions here: Using EBS Volumes’ has details about using mkfs to assign a file system of xfs and then we specify how to do it in the next step using ext4. We should probably clarify which is needed.

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Good call @Nick. I’ve added your comment to the open GH issue being worked on by SRE