Get the count of contacts in parent hierarchy

How do I get the count of contacts in my parent hierarchy while creating contact forms.

Suppose I have a hierarchy like:

  • fchv_area
  • household

When I am creating household, I want to know how many households are already created on the fchv_area I am in. If there are 3 households in fchv_area I am in, I want 3 to be passed when I am creating new household.

Here, I have 2 households in this fchv area.

When I click New houehold and open household create form, I want to know that there were 2 households in this fchv area.


As of v4.0 I don’t think this is possible. If this were an app form (not a contact form), you would be able to pass data to the form via the contact summary – yet I don’t think there is a mechanism for passing calculated data to contact forms.

From the documentation: