Error triggering update

Hey team,

I’m getting the error

Error triggering update

When I try to upgrade my local instance from v4.1.0 to any latest version. Checking the browser logs I get the Internal server error. Any pointers please?

Hi @Japheth_Kiprotich

Can you please check api logs for details of the error. You can use this script to easily extract logs from containers.


Hello Diana,
I tried upgrading my testing server from 4.3.0 to the latest version to the latest version and encountered the error above. Please refer to the attached screenshots for your review.
Staging process was smooth:

Installation process brought up this error:

Hi @Job_Isabai

As the request above, this is impossible to debug without logs. Can you please share your logs? Thanks!

Here are the screenshots of the errors:
I have gone through all the exported logs and discovered the error below on cht_api container:

Hi @Job_Isabai

It looks like API can’t connect to your upgrade service. Can you make sure your upgrade service is started, has correct environment variables and points to the correct folder that has cht docker compose files?

Yes you’re right, I have been restarted the upgrade service container and it worked. I have been able to upgrade from 4.3.0 to 4.5.0.
Thank you.