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"Error Fetching Tasks" : Usernames suddenly go blank and lose associated place and contact

On Android 10; web-view app we’ve now had several cases where the phone will suddenly uninstall the app. We also had 4 reported cases a counting of a username losing association with their correct place and contact (after it had been working), but if you go back and add the associated contacts again there are no issues it will work again. We’ve had at least 1 case where this was reported where the app suddenly uninstalled then when they tried to log back in; it was showing the error “Error Fetching Tasks”. On further examination it’s that same issue where if you then go click the associated username it shows as blank for the contact and place (with a little x next to it).

I can’t confirm necessarily these that these two issues are related; but has anyone else had an issue with this? Or any experience with this happening?

Account: ICM, Philippines

Hello Joy, can you detail what you mean by uninstall. As in android removes it from the phone or something else happens? Do you know the versions of android this is happening on 10 or 11?

but if you go back and add the associated contacts again there are no issues it will work again

You are adding the associated contact back through the admin app? Which version of cht-core are you using?

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Hi Nick -

I mean the android phone removes the playstore installed app off the phone, and they have to re-download it. This has also happened with phones after they’ve updated to new patched version of their os. The phones we are using are Redmi / Realmi Android 10. Although I can confirm to make sure they haven’t upgraded to 11.

Yes, when I login in to the admin users and click the user account the users will look like this; showing a blank entry with a little x next to it. If I update the two fields Place and Associated contact with the correct users again; it fixes the issue of “Error Fetching Tasks”.

This is the error we received.

Were the phones on android 9 or below and upgraded to 10?

No they were purchases as Android 10 phones; all brand new within the last
few months.

@joykimmel as an update on the other issue. I’m trying to get access to the logs on your server to see if something stands out as to what would cause the disassociation of user to place. Do you have an idea about when that may have occurred to help narrow the scope down?

As for android, do you know if they received any sort of notification? I believe Xiamoi released a version of their firmware recently. Does that coincide with when the uninstall happened? Trying to narrow down what could be causing the uninstall.

@joykimmel For the screenshot you attached “Error fetching tasks” - this may be a crash/error in your app’s targets.js or target.js files. It may only reproduced for this specfic user. Are you using a statement like in your tasks.js? Or if you have no contact doc associated with the user, it might even crash for something like

To diagnose this, you can obtain a crash stack from the JavaScript dev console. If you share that, we can investigate together – but this will be an obfuscated/minified crash stack and may be difficult. But let’s start there.

How are you creating users? Are you importing them through an automated means? Does your script only create users, or does it also modify existing users?