Deselecting options in forms when going back

Dear all,

When I first set up our CHT server, I really liked that options were deselected in an app form when the user was going back (click on PREVIOUS).

After a bunch of configuration steps, this is no longer the case! Now the options remain selected no matter what.

Could someone point me to the setting that is taking care of it, so I can reestablish the initial behavior?

Many thanks


Hi @raf,

Are you sure the options were automatically deselected when going back to the previous page?

Sorry, I am unaware of any setting that would allow clearing the inputs when changing pages. Was it any of the forms that come with the cht-core config examples?

I have never seen such behaviour myself, except in the following situation:

type name label relevant appearance
begin group page1 NO_LABEL ${visible} != 'hide' field-list
select_one choices question1 Question 1
text question2 Question 2
end group
begin group page2 NO_LABEL field-list
select_one show_hide visible Show or Hide?
end group


Here, on the second page, if you select Hide then Show, then move back to the first page, your inputs will be cleared. This is because, when you select Hide, the page1 group is no longer relevant because of the relevant condition.


Dear @binod,

Thank you for making this clear. I have indeed realised that the options do get deselected if the triggering questions get deselected which is exactly what we want and what also makes sense from a general perspective.

Thank you again.

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