CSV-to-Docs Documentation

Hello, I recently helped to seed data into a new CHT instance with the CSV-to-Docs process described here: CSV to Docs | Community Health Toolkit

After running into an error, the developer and I realized that we needed to label the csvs contact.{place_type}.csv instead of place.{place_type}.csv. This wasn’t one of the options explicitly listed (report, person, place), so I just wanted to check if the documentation here could use a slight update (or if we misunderstood this documentation).

Many thanks!

Hi @Helena - welcome to the forums! Thanks so much for taking the time to let us know about the gap in our documentation.

It sounds like indeed the docs are missing an item for the file naming for contact. Here’s a start of what I think is missing - I’d love your input based on your recent experience - it’s been a minute since I’ve worked with data import!

  • contact.{place_type}.csv: where {place_type} is the type of place specified in the file. As of 3.7 of the Core Framework, the number of place types and their names can be configured — the {place_type} should match with the hierarchy names used.

And then another addition below - but I could use some help where I’ve put question marks:

File named contact.???.csv adds the property "type":"???"

cc @Esther_Moturi who’s been doing some docs updates for data imports!

Hey @mrjones and @Helena , thank you for bringing this to my attention.