Contact name not appearing

Hello @diana @samuel

I have replaced the contact:person:create contact form with one we intend to use to our use case but for some reason the contact name no longer shows up as seen below

How can i make the contact name to appear again?

@cliff can you verify if the name field is actually getting filled out on your new new contact docs? (Maybe just by looking at the JSON doc manually in Fauxton).

If not, you will need to check your new form to ensure that there is a name field in the top-level person group that gets populated when the form is filled out.


thanks @jkuester , :+1:

the name now appears

but for some reason the age in years is not displayed under the name in the above screen shot yet it appears when you click on the patient name as seen below

Interesting! I believe that the birth date for each of the people in the list is loaded from the date_of_birth field on the contact. So, should make sure that field is being populated.

The fact that it is displayed in the contact summary, but not in the list of persons is surprising to me, but not impossible. You can have a look at your contact summary fields configuration and see where it is loading the age value from…

thanks @jkuester :+1:

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