Cannot start cht with cht-docker-compose

I’ve been unable to start cht using the docker script. It was working until recently but now It errs with

8440 is not open on
Couldn’t connect to server

i have confirmed nothing is already listening on the port and cannot figure out what the issue is

check if the containers are running, medic-os and haproxy
$ docker ps
If nothing is running, please start each container exclusively.

Containers are running, it just gets stuck trying to boot for some reason. Let me dig further into the logs for more clues

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Fred - were you able to resolve this? While I hope it’s a “yes!” so we can find out what the fix was, I’m happy to help if it’s a " no :frowning: "

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@mrjones No i wasn’t able to resolve this, had to use the starter script instead

@Fred - Thanks for getting back to us!

The CHT Docker Helper script was created to help folks out in this exact situation - so I’m happy to hear you found an alternate happy path.