Can a care guide trigger a task for at a different organisational level?

I was wondering if it is possible that the outcome of a clinical questionnaire at household level could automatically create a task at a higher organisational level, for instance at the health clinic.

For instance, the registration of a pregnancy could automatically create a task for a 1st ANC visit at the clinic.

Is that possible?

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Hello @raf that’s a good question. At first thought, it is possible. For a task to trigger, a user needs access/visibility to a report or contact as detailed here. When we talk about access or visibility, we make reference to replication depth. This leads us to two pathways:

  1. If the user is not restricted (has the danger of pulling too much data to slow the app), then you can straightaway trigger the task.
  2. If restricted, you can include the needs_signoff attribute to the report triggering the task. SInce you’ll not have access to the contact details, use the contactLabel property to describe the task subject.

Follow up questions:

  • How many levels are between the household and the health clinic?

Let us know how it progresses or need further clarification.

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