Bulk User Upload - CHWs and Supervisors

I am trying to bulk upload chvs and supervisors but am having some issues. If you look at the tab titled contact.supervisor, you will notice that column E shows a dropdown list of catchment areas instead of health facilities .According to the instructions in this documentation:

  1. I duplicated the contact.chw and contact.chw_V_LOOKUP tabs and created contact.supervisor and contact.supervisor_V_LOOKUP.
  2. I then proceeded to add the health facilities under contact.supervisor_V_LOOKUP.
  3. I then created the supervisors under contact.supervisor but cannot choose the health facilities. The catchment areas appear in the dropdown instead of health facilities.

Here’s the link to the spreadsheet.

Hi @iesmail,

You duplicated contact.chw to contact.supervisor, but the options remained the same as CHW. You can perform these extra steps to get the supervisor options:

  1. Select cells E2 through E1000 → Right-click → View more cell actions → Data validation
  2. In the Criteria, change the range from:
  3. Click on Save

Now, you should be able to select from the list of health facilities.
You might also need to change some other fields to such as role, type to match the values required at the supervisor level.

We are sorry for the confusion. We should have made it clearer in the guide.


@binod, thanks. I followed your instructions and was able to view the health center.

After creating the chvs and supervisor rows, how do I then associate chvs to a supervisor in the same sheet before uploading to cht?

I have not tried it myself but I think these steps should work:

  • After making sure everything is alright, download the CSV with the supervisors’ details.
  • Upload it using the import utility.
  • If successful, your catchment areas and supervisors should be added to the CHT.
  • Update the contact.chw_VLOOKUP sheet with the new catchment areas and their UUIDs.
  • Now in the contact.chw sheet, you can select supervisor areas that will associate your CHWs to the Supervisor Areas.
  • Make sure that all the required fields are populated in the CHW sheet, download, and upload it using the import utility again.

Thanks for jumping in and helping out @binod - you beat me too it :wink:

@iesmail - let us know if you have any further issues!

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