Archive option in CHT

Hello community

Does CHT have an option to archive a patient instead of deleting them ?

Hi Cliff, are you using the mute feature already? Depending on your requirements, the mute feature can act functionally like archiving.

On the docs site you can find detailed documentation on muting. You may also find this higher level overview helpful in explaining the feature.

It’s helpful to get feedback on features like this, so please let us know if that suits your purposes, and how you fare with it!


@marc my thoughts exactly. If you discount the nomenclature, muting is, in effect, a way to archive a client and their records. Maybe @cliff has some ideas on how the functionality of the mute feature can be adjusted.


thanks @marc, this is helpful ,going to explore the links you’ve shared and give feedback here…

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thanks @David_01 ,we are basically seeking to archive some patients in CHT instead of deleting them in some use cases