Community Health Toolkit

App Developer Based Docker Compose for CHT

The product team as recently released a new docker-compose-developer.yml file as well as accompanying documentation. This tool is meant to aid app developers who need a local CHT instance to develop against and want to go beyond the local setup.

Specifically, this docker compose file allows you to not only start and stop different local instances of the CHT, but also allows you to easily run them concurrently should the need arise.

Further, this work is going to pave the way for a soon-to-be-released helper script (see semi-public beta), which will make it even easier to for app developers to use revision control, like GitHub, to codify how to run different project’s development instances of the CHT.

Please note - none of this is meant for production. Please see our hosting section for production options.

If you’re a CHT app developer and have an interest or questions about any of this, please let me know!