Admin App Localization

The documentation on localization mentions…

App Management - Admin Area This will still remain in English even after changing the default language to Swahili.

…but it doesn’t say anything about localization not being supported in the Admin App and there is also an issue that suggests that it is supported.

I’ve tested by finding a translation key that is in the admin app, verifying that a value is provided in another language (French), logging in as a user with French selected as my language, and viewing the admin app. However, I’m not seeing any values translated in the admin app. I’ve tried this on multiple instances/versions and the behavior is the same.

Is this a bug or is there something else I’m missing?

GIF Screen Recording 2022-05-02 at 3.44.46 PM

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Translation of the Admin app is supported but most translation values are not provided out of the box. Initially I thought what you were seeing was due to missing translation values defaulting to English, but looking at the code I think there’s a bug here. I think what’s happening is the admin app is never setting the language in the locale service so no matter what you pick in the language picker it defaults to English.

One workaround would be to change the English translation values to French, but this will impact the main CHT webapp where translations are shared, so it’s not a suitable solution for production.

Please raise a bug in cht-core to get this fixed!

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I believe we force the admin app to always be in English:

Language support exists, but we don’t provide a way to change the language, and don’t use the language in the user’s cookie.

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Thanks both. I’ve raised the issue here.